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Pin Wheel Beige Noce Stone Mosaic | Tumbled

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Pin Wheel Beige Noce Stone Mosaic
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Pin wheele Beige / Noce is a warm-colored tile mosaic made of small rectangle and square tiles. Each tile has been cut from high-quality travertine. The small square tiles come in golden sienna with white speckles while the rectangular ones are beige in color. The matte finish of each tile is due to honing. The tiles are arranged in a pinwheel pattern. There is a thin gap in between individual tiles for grouting. 

Pin wheele Beige / Noce is ready for installation because it is already mounted on a mesh backing. The color is neutral and can be used in classic and contemporary designs. The size of the tiles are small making them sturdy and resistant to cracking. The surface is not likely to show wear as the material used is very durable. 

Best Used For:
Pin wheele Beige / Noce can be used on floors and walls to make any space more visually pleasing. It can also be used as a border for areas that are covered with stone tiles. 

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