1. Planito Ivory Porcelain | 13x13 | 18x18

Planito Ivory Porcelain | 13x13 | 18x18

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Planito Ivory Porcelain | 13x13 | 18x18
Product Number: 1988
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* Pei Rating : 4
* Coefficient of Friction: > .6 Wet
* Shade Variation : V4
* Residentail Usage : Yes
* Commercial Usage : Yes , Light or Heavy

The space observatory is a great place to explore when you find that you have no plans on a Sunday afternoon. The exhibits feature stunning color pictures, fun info-graphics and interesting space décor throughout the building. The walls are painted black with lights and murals on the walls and ceiling and the floors are Planito Ivory porcelain tile. The creamy silver color of the floors perfectly accents the dark color of the walls and the tan veins that run throughout give the porcelain tile a splash of color. With easy maintenance and upkeep, this is the perfect tile for a place that gets moderate foot traffic. As you wander through the observatory halls, you think to yourself that the Planito Ivory porcelain tile might be the most beautiful thing in the building.

Best Used For:

Planito Ivory porcelain is great for tiling in residential kitchens or bathrooms. It is also great as a shower wall, bathroom wall, or as a counter or backsplash in the kitchen. It is ideal for spaces that are exposed to heavy-foot traffic, as it can handle the wear.

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