1. Planito Rustico Porcelain | 13x13 | 18x18

Planito Rustico Porcelain | 13x13 | 18x18

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Planito Rustico Porcelain | 13x13 | 18x18
Product Number: 1987
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* Pei Rating : 4
* Coefficient of Friction: > .6 Wet
* Shade Variation : V4
* Residentail Usage : Yes
* Commercial Usage : Yes , Light or Heavy

You have always felt most relaxed when you are in the desert: the warm air and soft colors are so calming. With that in mind, when it came time to replace the flooring in your house, the decision on where the inspiration should come from was a no brainer. When you found the Planito Rustico porcelain tile, you knew that you had the perfect flooring. The desert inspired sandy color caught your attention and the layer effect of the pattern, like sandstone rock is really what sold you. The natural feel of the surface has you imagining that you are relaxing in the desert, even during the coldest December days and the durability of porcelain can't be beat.

Best Used For:

Planito Rustico Porcelain is a stylish tile that can be used for both the exterior and interior part of your home. This porcelain tile is great for tiling in residential kitchens or bathrooms. It is also great as a shower wall, bathroom wall, or as a counter or backsplash in the kitchen.

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