1. Essence Bronze Porcelain | 12x24
Essence Bronze 12x24 Porcelain Tile
Essence Bronze 12x24 Porcelain Tile

Essence Bronze Porcelain | 12x24

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Essence Bronze 12x24 Porcelain Tile HD print
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* PEI Rating : 4
* Country: Turkey
* Shade Variation : V3
* Chemical resistance: Not Effected
* Water Absorption : < 0.5%

Hiking is one of your favorite things to do on the weekends; you love the fresh air and beautiful natural scenery. When the time came to remodel your house, you wanted to incorporate your love of the outdoors into your new design. It took a while to find the perfect flooring, but once you set your eyes on Essence Brown porcelain tile, you knew that you didn't have to look any more. The simulated rock look of the tile reminds you of the rocks on your favorite trail and the silver, grey, bronze and mocha colors are the perfect neutrals for your home. And best of all, since your tile is made of of porcelain and not natural rock, it is scratch, chip and stain resistant so you don't have to worry about your tile getting damaged. After the remodel is complete, you feel more at home than ever.

Best Used For:

Essence Forest porcelain tile is best used as a flooring material for indoor and outdoor applications such as living rooms, hallways, kitchen floors showers, bathrooms and even office lobbies.

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