1. Dimension Olive Porcelain Tile

Dimension Olive Porcelain Tile

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Porcelain Dimension Olive Floor Tile
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Dimension Olive porcelain tiles will help you accomplish that vision you have of creating a sleek and sophisticated space. With a contemporary edge, Dimension Olive porcelain tiles are a beautiful olive colored porcelain tile, with light beige colored speckling throughout. Once the tiles are in place, there is almost an ambiance of the minimalistic design that cement floors, or walls, would possess; but by using Dimension Olive porcelain tiles, you will not gain the cold nature that usually accompanies minimalistic designs. Dimension Olive porcelain tiles will give you the benefits of sleek design, with warmth.


Dimension Olive porcelain tiles are ideal for area with high traffic because they are quite durable and have a high breaking strength. With a high density, they have a lower absorption to water, making them less likely to stain from a spilled beverage, or water. It is unnecessary to seal your Dimension Olive porcelain tile, however, if you choose to, it may help protect tiles placed outside from fading faster in sun exposure.  

Best Used For:

You can add Dimension Olive porcelain tiles to your interior and exterior installations. Ideal for commercial or residential remodels, Dimension Olive porcelain tiles can be used in the area around your pool or in the floors of your home or office.  

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