1. Focus Graphite Porcelain Tile

Focus Graphite Porcelain Tile

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Porcelain Focus Graphite Floor Tile
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With an almost wood-like grain pattern to these porcelain tiles, Focus Graphite might just be the option you were looking for on your next remodel. Focus Graphite porcelain tiles help you create a contemporary space. With a light gray base and darker gray directional stripes, Focus Graphite porcelain tiles will help open your space and create a statement at the same time.


Focus Graphite porcelain tiles have a high breaking strength, making them ideal for areas with high volumes of traffic. If you would like a better defense against stains, and want to try and preserve your Focus Graphite porcelain tiles over time, then the tiles should be properly sealed. However, it is not necessary to seal your Focus Graphite porcelain tiles.

Best Used For:

Add Focus Graphite porcelain tiles to commercial and residential settings, such as the flooring in the waiting room, living room, bathroom or out on the patio. Ideal for interior or exterior installations, Focus Graphite porcelain tile is the optimum choice for you because it is frost-resistant. Whether you add Focus Graphite porcelain tiles to your home or office, you will know you made the right choice in deciding on a durable porcelain tile with longevity. 

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