1. Metropolis Taupe Porcelain Tile

Metropolis Taupe Porcelain Tile

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Porcelaion Metropolis Taupe Floor Tile
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You’ve already ripped out the old carpet in your small studio apartment, and you have done hours and hours of research on how to stain the concrete underneath. However, the complexity of staining concrete is not exactly what you’re looking for right now. Instead you opt for Metropolis Taupe porcelain tiles. With the same gorgeous affect of staining concrete, there is also a slight wood-grain pattern to them as well. Occasionally there are darker taupe lines running through the tiles creating separation that you would see on a cut piece of wood. Opting for such a breath-taking porcelain tile, and less time, you realize you have made the best decision yet in your remodel by adding Metropolis Taupe porcelain tiles to the mix.


Depending on whether you purchase polished or natural porcelain tiles, a sealant may not be necessary. It will also depend whether you want your Metropolis Taupe porcelain tiles to have more sheen to them, or less.  Metropolis Taupe porcelain tiles are ideal for areas with high traffic because they are quite durable and have a high breaking strength. With a high density, they have a lower absorption to water, making them less likely to stain from a spilled beverage, or water.

Best Used For:

You can add Metropolis Taupe porcelain tiles to your interior and exterior installations. Ideal for commercial or residential remodels, Metropolis Taupe porcelain tiles can be used in the area around your pool or in the floors of your home or office. Choosing Metropolis Taupe porcelain tiles will create a calming space in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, reception area, board room and countless other installations. 

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