1. Onyx Sand Porcelain Tile

Onyx Sand Porcelain Tile

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Porcelain Onyx Sand Floor Tile
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You can’t figure out what you want in the entryway of your new home. You’ve toyed with many tile options and can’t seem to find anything that jumps out. After taking a break from the constant search, you happen upon Onyx Sand porcelain tiles. The soft creamy ivory base has some slight shattered effects created by white veins that run through the pieces. The darker cream-colored veins create depth in this stones. With so much character and movement, you need to look no further because you have decided on Onyx Sand porcelain tiles for your home.


Depending on whether you purchase polished or natural porcelain tiles, a sealant may not be necessary. If polished, a sealant will help preserve the pristine nature of Onyx Sand porcelain tiles. Without sealing, Onyx Sand porcelain tiles they may eventually fade with long term exposure in the sun. Onyx Sand porcelain tiles are ideal for areas with high traffic. With a high density, they have a lower absorption to water, making them less likely to stain from a spilled beverage, or water.

Best Used For:

Add Onyx Sand porcelain tiles to commercial and residential settings, such as the flooring in the waiting room, living room, bathroom or out on the patio. Ideal for interior or exterior installations, Onyx Sand porcelain tile is the optimum choice for you because it is frost-resistant. 

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