1. Pietra Cappuccino Porcelain Tile | Polished

Pietra Cappuccino Porcelain Tile | Polished

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Porcelain Pietra Cappuccino Floor Tile
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Mimicking the natural elegance and shattered patterns found in granite, Pietra Cappuccino porcelain tiles let you add the look of natural stone, without the upkeep of natural stone.  Pietra Cappuccino porcelain tiles have a cream/ivory base with a misting of light beige with some spots in darker beige. The beige contrasting against the cream almost turns into a light brown. Including Pietra Cappuccino porcelain tiles into your next residential or commercial remodel will add an ambiance of elegance that will rarely be matched.


Pietra Cappuccino porcelain tiles are ideal for areas with high traffic because they are quite durable and have a high breaking strength. With a high density, they have a lower absorption to water, making them less likely to stain from a spilled beverage, or water. You may choose to seal your Pietra Cappuccino porcelain tiles to enhance their appearance, sheen-wise, however, it is unnecessary.

Best Used For:

Add Pietra Cappuccino porcelain tiles to commercial and residential settings, such as the flooring in the waiting room, living room, bathroom or out on the patio. Ideal for interior or exterior installations, Pietra Cappuccino porcelain tile is the optimum choice for you because it is frost-resistant. Whether you add Pietra Cappuccino porcelain tiles to your home or office, you will know you made the right choice in deciding on a durable porcelain tile with longevity. 

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