1. Sygma Chocolate Porcelain Tile

Sygma Chocolate Porcelain Tile

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Porcelain Sygma Chocolate Floor Tile
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You’ve considered wood floors but with 3 playful Huskies running through your home constantly, you know better than creating that headache for yourself. You want the warmth of chocolate colored wood, with the rich chocolate base and light tan and light brown lines running throughout. Close to giving up and leaving the ugly carpet you currently have, you stumble upon Sygma Chocolate ceramic tiles. With far better durability to pup-claws than soft woods, it’s the perfect flooring for you. Sygma Chocolate ceramic tiles will create warmth throughout your home and tie into the rustic theme you currently have. The wood-like patterns flow smoothly from room to room; the only thing you’re missing is the leaves and birds.


Depending on whether you purchase polished or natural ceramic tiles, a sealant may not be necessary. If polished, a sealant will help preserve the pristine nature of Sygma Chocolate ceramic tiles. Without sealing, Sygma Chocolate ceramic tiles they may eventually fade with long term exposure in the sun. Sygma Chocolate ceramic tiles are ideal for areas with high traffic because they are quite durable. With a high density, they have a lower absorption to water, making them less likely to stain from a spilled beverage, or water.

Best Used For:

Add Sygma Chocolate ceramic tiles to commercial and residential settings, such as the flooring in the waiting room, living room, bathroom or out on the patio. Ideal for interior or exterior installations, Sygma Chocolate ceramic tile is the optimum choice for you because it is frost-resistant. 

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