1. Toscana Beige Porcelain Tile

Toscana Beige Porcelain Tile

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Porcelain Toscana Beige Floor Tile
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The light cream, almost white, veins that run through Toscana Beige porcelain tiles create a constant illusion of movement in the stone. The warmer beige bases of the tiles are also speckled with lighter cream spots that help enhance the beauty of these Toscana Beige porcelain tiles. With a color scheme that mimics the wall spaces between the art pieces at the Sistine Chapel, you will be unable to stop the looks of awe from your guests once they see your floors tiled with Toscana Beige porcelain tiles.


If you would like a better defense against stains, and want to try and preserve your Toscana Beige porcelain tiles over time, then the tiles should be properly sealed. However, it is not necessary to seal your Toscana Beige porcelain tiles. Toscana Beige porcelain tiles have a high breaking strength, making them ideal for areas with high volumes of traffic.

Best Used For:

You can add Toscana Beige porcelain tiles to your interior and exterior installations. Ideal for commercial or residential remodels, Toscana Beige porcelain tiles can be used in the area around your pool or in the floors of your home or office.  

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