1. Birch | 5x32 | Wood Plank Porcelain

Birch | 5x32 | Wood Plank Porcelain

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Timberline Wood Look Porcelain Tile 5x32 in all colors
Product Number: 2198
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* PEI Rating: 4
* Water Absorption: < 1%
* Coefficient of Friction: < .60 Wet
* Shade Variations: High (V3)
* MOHS: 7

Sunday dinner at your mom's house is a tradition that you look forward to the first week of every month. As your mom passes around the spaghetti, you notice something different about her house... she got new floors! As you question her about her new flooring, she tells you that it's Birch wood plank porcelain flooring. You're stunned because you had thought that it was hardwood flooring, but she explains to you that it's actually porcelain tiles engineered to look like hardwood. Once she tells you that the tile required little maintenance, you're sold on installing it in your own home.

Best Used For:

This stunning Wood Plank Birch Porcelain tile is ideal for floors, or accent walls.

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