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Cascade White Quartz Slab

Cascade White Quartz Slab

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Ideally uniformed, Cascade White quartz is a crisp white quartz with medium to large specks of darker gray throughout. Accompanying the darker gray specks, there are small to large specks of varying shades of gray. Cascade White quartz will pop brilliantly against black cabinets or accessories. Cascade White quartz also partners well with matte finished silver accents, or even some true silver metallic accents.


Cascade White quartz has a low maintenance factor to it because it is unnecessary to apply a sealant and being non-porous, Cascade White quartz is durable against stains, scratches, scuffs and acids. And who doesn't need a little low maintenance every now and then?

Best Used For:

Cascade White quartz is ideal for adding that finishing touch to your kitchen as the counter top, or to the vanity in the bathroom, even the table in the board room. Cascade White quartz comes in 2 CM and 3 CM slabs. 

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