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Ramon Gold 12x12 Limestone
Ramon Gold 12x12 Limestone

Ramon Gold Limestone | 12x12

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Ramon Gold Limestone | 12x12 | 16x16 | 18x18 | 24x24 | Polished
Product Number: 1747
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* Ramon Gold Limestone 12x12 | 16x16 | 18x18 | 24x24 Polished
* Country: Israel
* Primary Colors: Golden, White, Beige
* Variation: Medium
* Freezing Climate: yes

Ramon Gold Limestone is a calming, yet stunning, natural stone from Israel. Depending on the angle you are seeing each piece, you might see a cream colored base with gold hues, or a gold colored base with creamy white hues. On the golden cream base there are small cream colored veins that move throughout the entire piece. Occasionally a thin black vein, or crystal gem-esque vein cut through the face of the stone; these darker veins are only noticeable upon closer inspection. On the polished version of Ramon Gold Limestone, there is an extremely smooth finish with no textural blemishes on the face. With the polished finish, the gold areas seem to glimmer like gold specs in water; they bring the piece to life.

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