1. Rectangular, Durango Sink

Rectangular, Durango Sink

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Rectangular, Durango Sink
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Rectangular, Durango Sink is a natural stone sink. The sink base is made from high-quality stone in beige color with light colored and grey veining. The bottom of the sink is slightly angled. The surface of the sink is honed to a dull shine and is smooth to the touch. 

Rectangular, Durango Sink is elegant and stylish. It is a perfect fit for bathrooms with contemporary design. The neutral color allows it to be paired with any material like stone and wood. The material is durable and would last for many, many years. It is water-proof and would not grow molds or bacteria. It is easy to maintain. 

Best Used For:
Rectangular, Durango Sink will fit best in nature-inspired bathroom. It can be used inside the home and will also fit in vanities and bathrooms of high-end hotels and spas.

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