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Red Onyx | 4x4 | Tumbled

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Red Onyx | 4x4 | Tumbled
Product Number: 2001
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* Stone Type: Onyx
* Country: pakistan
* Primary Color: Red Brown
* Variations: High
* Freezing Climate: NO

Red Onyx
4x4 Tumbled tiles are fiery red in appearance with lots of olive green, ochre and
rust and a few specks of beige. These rounded square tiles have a smooth and
yet unpolished surface.

Advantages of Red Onyx

Tumbled 4x4 is a great attractive set of tiles that can double as decoration apart
from serving its purpose as wall or floor covering. The brightly colored tiles
can easily mask stains and cracks.

Best Used For:

Red Onyx 4x4 Tumbled is best used for indoor installations like your kitchen floor or even countertops. It can also be used in your bathroom. 

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