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Riviera Travertine Vein Cut Plank | 6x36 | Brushed Filled

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Travertine plank | Honed | Vein Cut | 6x36
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When it comes to interior decorating, your style is classic-- with a twist. You had always had travertine tile in the back of your mind as your first pick for new kitchen flooring, but none of the travertine that you saw at the large chain flooring and tile stores had ever impressed you. Once you came to Tile-Stones and stated that you were looking for flooring with a little twist on the traditional, you were shown Riviera travertine tile and immediately fell in love. Unlike all other travertine tile, Riviera is not cut into large squares or rectangles, but rather long rectangular planks. Riviera travertine tile planks are unique to Tile-Stones and will add a classic but interesting aesthetic to whatever space they are installed in. Riviera travertine tile planks feature beige and cream base tones with natural veining throughout. The neutral palette makes Riviera travertine tile ideal for any space!

Best Used For:

Riviera travertine tile planks are ideal for kitchen, bedroom, bahtroom, entry way and living room flooring. They can also be used for shower walls or accent walls as well. The unique plank shape of Riviera travertine tile ensures that it will add a special touch to any room.

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