Roger Thomas is the executive vice president design for Wynn Design and Development. He is recognized for his interior design for the hospitality industry. Some of his works include the Mirage, Treasure Island and the Bellagio Resort on the Las Vegas strip. Roger Thomas worked with with Rocky Mountain Hardware to create a Paris Collection of door handles. Taking from his love for the decorative arts of the 17th century, his Paris Collection is ‘meant to take romantic and beautiful silhouettes that felt great in the hand, strip them of their extraneous detail and get to their most beautiful essence.’ He has always loved bronze as a metal because it is the first advance in civilization, The Bronze Age; he believe this metal takes this history wherever it goes. With beautiful design and equally durable pieces that work as well as look good, the Paris Collection would be the perfect addition to any remodel or design.

Here is his Paris Collection in all of its glory.









“Passion is one of the most important components of the design process.” -Roger Thomas

There is not doubt that each one of the projects Roger Thomas tackles is lacking any passion.