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Rustic Imperium Travertine | Versailles Pattern

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Rustic Imperium Travertine | Versailles Pattern
Product Number: 1898
Availability: In Stock
* Stone Type: Travertine
* Country: N/A
* Primary Color: Brown
* Variations: Medium
* Freezing Climate: NO

In your Italian inspired kitchen, you were feeling a little less than inspired. You looked around and decided that the kitchen needed a mini-makeover and you knew the perfect thing to change: the backsplash. You wanted a tile that would blend well with the natural, rustic, Italian feel that was currently in your kitchen, and something with a bit of a pattern to it. After many hours of searching, your hunt came to an end when you spotted Rustic Imperium Versailles travertine tile. The cream, honey and gold color tones of the tile are exactly what you were looking for and the unique Versailles pattern provides visual interest without being overwhelming. Once you have had your new Rustic Imperium Versailles kitchen backsplash installed, you feel more inspired than ever in your kitchen.

Best Used For:

Rustic Imperium Versailles pattern travertine is perfect for floors and walls in any indoor and outdoor area. It is also wonderful for kitchen backsplashes and shower / bathroom walls.

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