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Salvage Honey 6x40 Wood Grain Porcelain Tile
Salvage Honey 6x40 Wood Grain Porcelain Tile

Salvage Series | Honey Wood-Look Porcelain | 6x40

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Wood Porcelain tile 6x40 Salvage Series
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After moving about the country for many years as a freelance photographer, you decide to settle down in a cozy little cottage by the sea. Before you move in though, the horrible 70's shag carpet has to be removed and replaced by something much more classic and timeless. Browsing different flooring options, you come across tile that looks like wood, and once you set your eyes on the Salvage Series Honey wood plank porcelain, you are certain that you have found your ideal. Your keen eye notices the minute details that have been laser printed onto the porcelain tile and it's almost impossible to differentiate it from actual wood flooring. The rich, warm honey tones that fill each plank are the perfect complement to your friendly beach house and you can already imagine the floors glowing in your sun drenched living room. Best of all, you won't have to worry about the floors getting damaged by beach elements because although they look like wood, they are made of porcelain, one of the most durable man made substances in the world. Once installed in your home, you can't wait to spend hours in your homey new space.

Best Used For:

Salvage Series Honey wood plank porcelain tile can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is also ideal for commercial areas with high foot traffic, such as restaurants or retail clothing boutiques, because it is easy to maintain and holds up well against scuff marks.

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