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Salvage Series | Musk Wood-Look Porcelain Tile | 6x40

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Wood Porcelain tile 6x36 Savage Series
Product Number: 2319
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Your favorite aunt has a farmhouse that she has graciously invited you to stay at for the summer. Once you are there, you fall in love with the rustic landscape and find yourself on daily walks along the dirt roads. On a walk one evening, you take a left turn and come across an old wooden fence; it has the charm that can only be found in something aged lovingly by years of sunny summers and harsh winters. The fence looks familiar to you and then you realize that the wood from the fence looks exactly like the Salvage Series Musk wood plank porcelain tile that you saw installed at a steakhouse in the city. The tile that looks like wood had the same features as the fence wood, complete with a rustic aged look that made you question whether or not it was really porcelain, since it looked so much like the real thing! In 6 x 40 planks, the Salvage Series Musk porcelain wood tile was stunning, unmatched, even compared to the real thing! Walking home you muse that the wood plank porcelain flooring you saw will far outlast any natural wood given it's durability against the elements.

Best Used For:

This tile that looks like wood can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It is great for kitchen flooring, bedroom flooring or even on walls. Outside, it can be used for a patio or deck.

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