We are proud to offer our customers the ability to obtain up to (5) small samples of any in-stock item on our website. These samples are 4 x 6 in in dimension and are a great way to know if you want to see more of that product!  Should you need a full sized piece of your product, ( i. e. a 8x48 tile) once you have received your original “small” samples, we are happy to send you one for a flat fee of $14.25. This amount is credible towards your future order with us. This rate applies to customers within the lower 48 states. For customers in Alaska and Hawaii, there may be an additional charge for shipping. Please give us a call at 1-877-558-8484  if you have any questions or need assistance ordering a sample!  

Note: We are unable to provide Samples of the Granite Slabs. We can send pictures of the slabs we have available, but we do not send samples as we do not want to chip away at the granite slab. If interested in receiving pictures, please call our customer service line, or send us an email with the slab you would like to see; we thank you for your understanding.