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Scabos Travertine | 12x12 | Filled | Honed

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Scabos Travertine | 12x12 | Filled | Honed
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You just moved to a new town and your new neighbors kindly invited you to their summer bar-b-que. On the day of the event, they escort you through their lovely home and into their backyard. When you step outside, you immediately notice how gorgeous their back patio is: with comfy furniture, a few umbrellas and a pool complete with a slide, you think to yourself that their backyard is a mini-paradise. But the most breath taking feature of their backyard is the Scabos travertine tile covering the patio floor. In a unique Versailles pattern, this travertine tile features a golden tan colored base with cream colored clouds throughout. The honed finish on the travertine gives the tile a slightly matte feel and as you take a sip of your lemonade, you make a mental note to ask them more about their Scabos travertine tile the next time you two talk.

Best Used For:

Scabos travertine tile is best for floors and walls of homes and commercial establishments. It is an ideal material to surround pools and other man-made water features.

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