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Scabos Travertine | Chiseled Edge | Versailles Pattern | Brushed

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Scabos Travertine | Chiseled Edge | Versailles Pattern | Brushed
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You just moved to a new town and your neighbors kindly invited you to their summer barbecue. On the day of the event, they escort you through their lovely home and into their backyard. When you step outside, you immediately notice how gorgeous their back patio is: with comfy furniture, a few umbrellas and a pool complete with a slide, their backyard looks like a mini-paradise. But the most breathtaking feature of their backyard is the Scabos travertine tile covering the patio floor. In a unique Versailles pattern, this travertine tile features a golden tan colored base with cream colored clouds throughout. The brushed finish on the travertine gives the tile a slightly matte feel and the chiseled edges lend a natural aesthetic. As you take a sip of your lemonade, you make a mental note to ask them more about their Scabos travertine tile the next time you talk.

Best Used For:

Scabos travertine tile is best for floors and walls of homes and commercial establishments. It is an ideal material to surround pools and other man-made water features.

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