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Sienna Gold Travertine Mosaic | Polished

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Sienna Gold Polished 1x1
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Gold is your favorite color to decorate with; you love neutral rooms with lots of gold accents. The sparkle and shine brightens up a space like nothing else. So when it came time ti replace your flooring, you wanted something that would reflect your love of gold while still remaining a somewhat neutral base color. After countless hours of searching, you finally came across Sienna Gold travertine tile and knew you had found your perfect match. With a mix of dark and light golden honey hues, this travertine tile is the ultimate gold accent for your home. The polished finish gives the tile a smooth and even texture while the cream colored veins that run throughout give the tile visual interest. After it has been installed, you think to yourself that a more perfect tile could not ever have been created.

Best Used For:

Sienna Gold Brushed Versailles Pattern is ideal for walls and floors of rooms with a classic rustic look. This tile can also be used for counters in the kitchen or vanity tops.

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