One of the most revolutionary and most unique kinds of tiles in the market nowadays is the slate tile. It surpasses the quality of other stone works, such as granite, because of its unique feature of being able to withstand and resist weathering, which is common nowadays. A slate tile comes from the slate stone, which is retrieved from most quarries and mountains. Its raw form comes in the shape of rocks, and then, they are cut and transformed into square shapes, from which a slate tile is formed. The most common size for it is 12 inches by 12 inches. Other available sizes are 16 inches and 24 inches. A slate tile often has a thickness of one- half to three- fourths inches. It can be also cut into much smaller squares. In fact, it can be cut into a circle, too.

There are different types of finishes for a slate tile. When a cleft slate is used, its finish is often dimensional. It is all- natural, and often retrieved from the mountainside. This kind of finish is clefted because the slate stone is still often rough, which means that a bump on the surface must be removed before making it to a slate tile. Another type of finish for a slate stone is the honed slate. This type of slate tile makes use of a sander or polisher to make it flat, smooth, and fit to become a tile. It provides a certain amount of traction; but, it is not enough to prevent slipping. A honed slate tile can often reflect the interesting peaks and cracks that are present in the stone.

Another type of tile is made from all- natural stone is the limestone tile. Using it has a lot of advantages, which makes it popular among the buyers. A limestone tile is known for its durability, strength, resistance, and cost- efficiency. It can be used on almost all kind of establishments, whether home or office. A limestone tile has become widely used because it prevents bacteria from forming and staying on the tile, unlike other kinds of tiles. This particular feature makes it suitable in the kitchen, where most bacteria are often present. Moreover, its ability to weather any temperature is another reason why a limestone tile is helpful in the kitchen.

The strength of a limestone tile is also unmatchable. That is why it is convenient to use in rooms that have the most furniture, especially the heavy ones. A limestone tile can carry the weight of even the heaviest furniture in the house. Its surface is durable enough and oil- resistant. So, it is evident that a limestone tile is helpful both on the inside and the outside. Aside from providing a regal and royal look into your house, it can be used for a long time as long as maintained and taken care of properly. Do not clean a limestone tile with bleach because it will dull the shine of the tile. Instead, use a limestone sealant and apply it on the floor once a year to maintain its natural appearance.