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StonePeak Weathered Board Wood Plank Porcelain
StonePeak Weathered Board Wood Plank Porcelain

Crate Series | Weathered Board | 6x24 | 8x48

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Wood Plank Porcelain Tile Crate Series
Product Number: 2234
Availability: In Stock
* Water Absorption < 0.1%
* PEI Rating: 5
* MOHS (Scratch Resistance) : 7
* Country of origin: USA
* C.O.F Wet > 0.80 | C.O.F Dry > 0.60

Cloudy grey days are your favorite kind of days, the chilly weather makes you want to cozy up with a blanket and a good book. When it came time to change up the look of your bedroom, you wanted a tile that would reflect your love of misty grey afternoons, and you found everything you were looking for in Weathered Board wood plank porcelain. This porcelain tile has a simulated wood grain pattern and texture that makes your room feel more homey and welcoming. The light grey color of the tile is accented with veins of darker grey and cream, giving the tile dimension and interest. Once your tile has been installed, you feel that your room is more comfortable and relaxing, just like you wanted.

Best Used For:

Weathered Board tile is a porcelain tile with a wood look. This tile is recommended for commercial use due to it's durability and versatility, and can be used for residential areas as well. This wood look tile is great for indoor and outdoor areas of the home including bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. It can also be used in commercial areas such as banquet halls and reception areas.

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