Ever come across a product that you knew would change your life but that you had never thought to buy? This happens to me alllll the time; I'm constantly stumbling across things that I MUST HAVE. This section of the blog is dedicated to such things! Below are 15 things that you never knew you needed, that will make you wonder how you ever lived without once you have them. Enjoy! 


This beverage stake is prefect for outdoor picnics! Forever banish all those drinks spilled on the grass. You can view this product here.



I always have so much trouble trying to cut baguettes into even pieces, and I make a mess in the process. This handy tray takes care of both problems! You can view this product here.




For someone who is always losing cords or getting them so tangled up that they're useless, these cable drops are the perfect solution! Just stick one on any surface and voila! You can view this product here.



Love fresh corn on the cob, but hate getting it all over your face and stuck in your teeth? Me too! This corn kerneler just may change bar-b-ques as we know them. You can view this product here.



If you're someone who's constantly leaving your flat iron and hair dryer all over the bathroom sink, check out this cool wall hanger! You can view this product here.



I don't do too much cooking (I'm working on it) but these herb scissors would be really handy for someone who was always working with fresh ingredients. You can view this product here.



As a literature enthusiast, I DESPERATELY NEED this! Are you reading this, friends and family? (I know you are, mom!) Christmas is just around the corner... hint, hint. Anyway! This personal library embosser is awesome. You can view this product here.



How annoying is it every time you drop something into a small space and have to struggle for 20 minutes to get it out? So annoying, right?! This handy magnetic extender will do all the work for you in a fraction on the time! You can view this product here.



This scarf hanger is so handy for keeping all of your scarves in one place and displaying them so that you can see them (instead of having them stuffed in a drawer). You can view this product here.



This magnetic wristband is great for those who are constantly working with small metal objects. You can view this product here.



No more dirty shoe tracks through the house with this handy boot tray! Keep your floors clean and yous shoes in one place. You can view this product here.



I love this pie tin so much, I can't believe I've never seen one before! Satisfy the tastes of multiple people with one pie tin. You can view this product here.



Sometimes it's such a pain to try to keep a book open and read it at the same time! This "Thumb Thing" was created just to solve that problem! You can view this product here.



There's a moment of fright when you're standing in line at the air port, then a moment of panic when they weigh your bag and it's over the limit! This has happened to me multiple times (in multiple countries). Now you can stroll confidently into the airport knowing that  your bag will meet the weight requirements with this handy travel scale! You can view this product here.



These "Spork Chops" are so genius! I think every Asian resturant should have them to save chop stick challenged people, like me, the shame of asking for a fork. Plus, who can REALLY eat rice with those things?! You can view this item here.


What do you guys think? Which items are your favorite?