1. Tic Tac Light Stone Tile Mosaic

Tic Tac Light Stone Tile Mosaic

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Tic Tac Light Stone Tile Mosaic
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Tic Tac Light is an assembled piece of tile made up of small and larger square tiles colored beige, ochre, amber and apricot. The gaps and crevices are left unfilled to give it a rustic look. 

Tic Tac Light easily lends a distressed and yet still refined look to your tile installations. The rough look matched with the pretty pattern is a nice contradiction and makes it a very durable option for flooring installations. 

Best Used For:
Tic Tac Light is the choice for outdoor pathways, driveways and seating areas like patios. It can also be used as indoor tiles for kitchens and dining areas especially if the overall theme is rustic. 

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