Tile is quite the multifunctional addition to any home. You can put tile in any room in the house, and even outside of the house! Unlike carpet, which in the bathroom might be a little funky, tile has endless capabilities of where, and how, it can be used. Below are some “unusual” places you might find tile. (Okay, I know! Some of these “unusual” places really aren’t all that unusual; just pretend!)

1. Tile as Coasters

I know you’re thinking that you've seen tutorial after tutorial on how to place an image on tiles, but those aren't the coasters I’m talking about. I mean coasters made out of actual tile pieces; glass mosaics, single porcelain or ceramic tiles and more. KIRK provides a great tutorial on how to take a glass mosaic tile sheet and cut them and fill the lines, in order to create beautiful coasters.

tile_1 coaster

2. Tile Inlays on Doors

You might start seeing this more and more, as people start to personalize every part of their house that they can. Some people make entire mosaic displays on their front doors, and then some, simply add inlayed tile pieces on their doors in simple patterns. [Source]


3. Not around the fireplace, IN the fireplace

While you might be used to seeing tiles surrounding fireplaces along the mantels; home owners are now placing colorful tiles in simple, or intricate, patterns on the insides of their fireplaces. This might be a little tedious in the cleanup depending on whether you want the soot to add character to the tile, or whether you want it to always hold its true colors. [Source]


4. As A Headboard

If you scour around DIY headboard tutorials, you can find multiple articles on how to create reclaimed wood, fabric and even metal headboards. However, there are growing capabilities with tiles to create beautiful headboards. If you aren’t afraid of commitment, you can create your mosaic tile headboard right against your wall and place your bed against it. Or, if you like having the freedom of rearranging every so often, then you can always create a beautiful tile headboard against a piece of wood. As you can see below, this DIY’er created her headboard from wood-like porcelain tiles; with all the beauty of wood and none of the upkeep! [Source]


5.Inside the Cabinets?

Yes, even inside the cabinets! In smaller kitchens, when you take the doors off your cabinets it adds the effect that the space is larger than it really is. However, usually, the interior of your cabinets are not always pretty. Therefore, add colorful tiles! This provides a simple way to personalize your space, to your taste, and an easy way to give your kitchen a pick-me-up. [Source]

inside cabinets

6. Tiles on Tables

Okay, so this might not be a very unusual place to see tiles used as décor. Whether you DIY or purchase the table, having tile on your table top can give your space real character and add that pop of color as well. Patterns, colors, types of tile; the possibilities are endless when adding tiles to table tops. [Source]


7. Tile On the Walls

Another, not-so-unusual place is adding tiles on the entirety of walls in your home or office. You can add an accent wall in a room by adding beautifully colored tiles; or, you can class the place up with the endless possibilities of marble tiles. The image below shows wood plank porcelain lining the far end of the wall in the bathroom; pulling in the “wood” look throughout the entire space. Depending on your budget, Wood Plank porcelain tiles may be the most cost effective option out there, if you are trying to create a wood theme. [Source]

Wood Plank Porcelain Wall

8. On Art… and Tires

Adding tiles to art has been done for centuries, I’m pretty sure anyway. There have been mosaics including glass, wood and ceramic tiles all throughout history. That being said, I can safely bet that you have not seen tiles used on tires. Artist, Jason Middlebrook creates art adding tiles to objects we might not think to be so artistic. However, these beautiful tile-clad tires would be a fun and funky addition to any upcycled garden.


Have you used tiles in ways that others might think innovative or creative? No, well then how about what ways have you used tiles besides on the floor? Share your ideas and inspirations below!