1. Tobacco | Wood Plank Porcelain | 6.5 x 20

Tobacco | Wood Plank Porcelain | 6.5 x 20

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Tobacco | Wood Plank Porcelain | 6.5 x 20
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* Stone Type: Porcelain
* PEI Rating: 4
* Coefficient of Friction: < .6 Wet
* Variations: V3 Residential, Light or Heavy Commercial Usage
* Made In Italy

A day spent at the hair salon is always relaxing for you; all of the pampering is a great escape from the stress of the work week. As you enter the salon this afternoon, you notice that something about it has changed, the decor seems much more updated and modern. Flipping through magazines in the waiting area, it dawns on you: the salon has had new flooring installed! And not just any new flooring, this is Tobacco wood plank porcelain flooring. The rich golden hues of the tile mixed in with the dark overtones make for an exquisite design that you think just might look perfect in your house as well.

Best Used For:
Tobacco wood plank porcelain is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It brings charm to living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways.

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