Ancient Roman homes used beautiful travertine tiles to decorate their homes and showcase class and luxury. These flooring tiles have been one of the earliest choices when it comes to decorating bath complexes, temples, amphitheaters and others. The Roman Colesseum is one of the largest structures which prove how durable and time-tested travertine is. And aside from this feature, travertine is also known for its aesthetic appeal and essence. These flooring tiles are used in every part of the structure. These buildings are still standing proud until this day.

Travertine is a popular choice these days for different flooring needs in residential as well as in commercial places. They are also preferred for bathroom flooring tiles and as kitchen counter tops. It is highly durable and hard wearing so it can withstand wear and tear due to high traffic or rough uses.

Travertine flooring tiles are most recommended for paving patio as well as garden walkways. Some building also utilizes these tiles for wall cladding and floorings. Travertine comes in four different finishes namely: brushed, tumbled, honed and polish. There are also a wide range of color choices to fit any theme or motif you have in your home. You can choose from white, black, to gold, beige and rustic red colors. Travertine flooring tiles comes in set shapes and sizes so you won’t have any issues with installation of these slabs on the floors and walls. Travertine flooring tiles requires less adhesive and effort in setting compared with other types of flooring materials. This is one of the best reasons why many DIY guys and home owners prefer to use it on their homes’ walls and floors.

To really understand the quality of travertine tiles, you must read around details on how they are formed. Travertine actually is a sedimentary rock deposited by mineral hot springs. Mineral springs make calcium carbonate which accumulates underground which is also called the rapid precipitation process. Over time, this accumulation forms the rocks which are made into travertine. This tile shows the veins and the different textures that are really micro particles as well as living objects trapped under the minerals while to grew cold. For these reasons, no two travertine tiles are similar in color, vein pattern or texture.

Using travertine flooring tiles is one of the best materials that you can use for your home’s floor and walls. Just decide on the colors and finish which suits your taste and matches with your home furnishes perfectly. After you’ve chosen the type and color of travertine tiles for your home, simply call the masons for proper installation of the flooring slabs. You only need to provide for quality adhesives, sealant and grout so that your masons can set these tiles in perfect order. All these materials and even your flooring tiles are all available in your local stone and tile stores. If your travertine flooring tiles are installed correctly, it can last must longer than regular tiles and give you the best value for your money.