1. Travertine Oval Noce 15"x20"

Travertine Oval Noce 15"x20"

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Travertine Oval Noce 15"x20"
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Travertine Oval Noce 15”x20” is a medium-sized sink that has a gently rounded conical shape with no ridges. It has a dominant brown to maple-colored body with some few areas of beige and cappuccino. 

Travertine Oval Noce 15”x20” is easy to clean and maintain since travertine rarely stains and the dark color can easily mask any type of imperfection. The simple shape makes it versatile enough for any style type of bathroom installation.

Best Used For:
Travertine Oval Noce 15”x20” is best for commercial and residential bathrooms that require countertop sinks. It can also be used as an embedded sink for those who prefer a seamless look. 

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