1. Travertine Round Noce16" Sink

Travertine Round Noce16" Sink

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Travertine Round Noce16" Sink
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Travertine Round Noce 16" Sink is a minimalist-looking sink with a straight edge and non-rimmed tip. The predominantly honey brown sink has some flecks of chocolate brown and veins in beige. 

Travertine Round Noce 16" Sink is very versatile in both its color and shape. It can be embedded or left as a stand alone countertop sink and is very easy to maintain. Its smooth surface makes cleaning of the sink a breeze.  

Best Used For:
Travertine Round Noce 16" Sink can be embedded in travertine, concrete or granite and it can also be used as a stand alone sink for residential and commercial use. 

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