Classic Beauty and Functional Grace of Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are made from natural stones; they are beautiful pieces and are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Travertine probably is one of the best-selling type of tiles in home industry. These tiles give professional designers and interior home decorators a natural solution for classic and functional beauty.

Travertine in Time

Travertine tiles and flooring provide a wonderful natural stone appearance which has become popular for centuries. It has been extensively used in Italy hundreds of years back because of its sustainability, durability and beauty. Travertine is collected from exotic locations such as caves and hot springs. It has withstood the test of time as it has been used in the Colosseum in Rome, one of the many enduring landmarks in Italy. Home owners planning to redecorate or remodel homes can get a lot of inspiration from Italian landmarks and homes which are graced with travertine tiles. They forever exude classic beauty while staying functional and sturdy as ever.

Color Me Dandy!

One major factor why consumers and homeowners pick a certain tile type is the color choices. This probably is the next in line consideration next to durability, of course, why would you pick out something that will not go well with your home color scheme? Travertine is classy as it is durable and can last for many years without losing luster. One great thing about travertine tile is that they come in a wide range of color selection to meet any color scheme you have in mind. You can find tiles in beige to tans and dark browns to almost red hues. Travertine also comes in really light colors ranging from neutral light tans to almost silvery whites.

Polished, tumbled and honed

Travertine maybe polished, brushed, tumbled and honed depending on makers want to look. These processes will provide consumer with a range of choices of travertine tiles for each part of the home of or office. Polished travertine is made with a more reflective surface. They are gently buffed then polished to allow a nice and shiny surface.

Tumbled travertine tiles are mostly used to attain that antique and aged look. These tiles are tumbled roughly to achieve that rounded ages. Honed travertine on the other hand, is just the perfect choice for all indoor areas such as the kitchens, bathrooms and the living areas.

You can easily find travertine tiles you need for your needs for style ranges are numerous and prices vary depending on your choices.

Simply One of the Best

Travertine tiles have enjoyed prominence in many European nations for centuries. Presently, American and Australian homes have embraced this natural stone’s uniqueness and class. There is a growing interest in travertine from people around the world because of its functionality and elegance. It is a perfect accent to a home’s indoor or outdoor areas. You can find use for this tiles in kitchens, living rooms, outdoor walk ways and even as back splashes for swimming pools. Travertine tiles definitely gives off a feeling of luxury which you can incorporate in your very own home.