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Bianco Roma 18x18
Bianco Roma 18x18

Bianca Roma Travertine | 18x18 | Filled and Honed

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Bianca Roma Travertine 18x18 filled and honed
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Watercolor painting has been your passion ever since you can remember; the way the colors swirl together and emote such feeling, the beauty of the light tones and the softness of the strokes are just some of the things that you love about the finished product. When it came time to replace the tile in your bedroom, you knew that you wanted a flooring that evoked a similar feeling as one you get when you gaze upon a gorgeous watercolor. After much searching, you found what you were looking for in Bianca Roma travertine tile from, Tile-Stones. The movement within the tile is incredible and is unlike any you have seen in another travertine tile. The clouds of mocha and cream that float atop the neutral beige background give the travertine a soft, flowing aesthetic and resemble the blending of colors in a watercolor painting. The honed surface is smooth to the touch and ideal for flooring in any room of the house. Once you have installed Bianca Roma travertine tile in your bedroom, you know that it has never looked better.

Best Used For:

Bianca Roma travertine tile is perfect for indoor projects, such as bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring, and shower walls. It can also be used in commercial spaces, such as restaurants, offices and medical buildings.

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