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Tuscany Ivory |12x12|12x24|16x16|18x18|24x24 Honed Filled Travertine

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Tuscany Ivory | Travertine Tile
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You’ve been able to leave work early and with such a lovely breeze and delicately cloudy sky, you elect to go spend your stolen extra time at the nearby park. With children still in school and lunch breaks already over, the park is free of any giggles, screams or shouts; perfect. You grab the extra blanket out of the trunk of your car and pick a spot in the middle of the softest looking grass. With larger clouds blocking the view of the sun, the smaller and lower clouds start to drift by in a beige hue that is almost yellow. The larger clouds are an ivory color, almost luminescent and the lower clouds are spread thin and carry the darker colors. You take out your phone and capture this moment to use as inspiration for later… When you decide to remodel your living room, to create an open and airy space, you decide on Tuscany Ivory travertine tiles. The colors and patterns in the Tuscany Ivory travertine tiles mimic the colors and patterns in the picture sitting on your mantle from that unexpected, perfect day at the park. The soft creamy ivory base is highlighted with darker spots of beige, creating a cloud-like airiness that only Tuscany Ivory could provide.


When properly sealed, Tuscany Ivory travertine tiles will age with you in your home for many years to come. If you choose to seal your tile, it will help it be resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains. Without sealant, travertine is susceptible to stains from acids and chemicals. Tuscany Ivory travertine is a stone known for its texture; the soft ups and downs in travertine create the perfect stone.

Best Used For:

Ideal for interior and exterior installations, Tuscany Ivory travertine tiles are perfect to add in your bathroom, living room, pool area or patio; just about anywhere! Tuscany Ivory travertine tiles can be used in residential and commercial areas to help bring out the natural beauty of the space. 

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