Turquoise is on the up and up as one of the home decor trends for 2014. I know that adding a color like Turquoise into the mix can be daunting to figure out; that is why I have provided some home decor inspiration for you!

Decorate: There is no better way to add a pop of Turquoise into your home by making, or buying, some Turquoise colored decorations for your home. Take the corner of your home where your music stand sits with papers all crumbled about it; where your side table has multiple small instruments strewn about it. Add a pop of color, and inspiration by adding a Turquoise bust of Chopin. Or maybe you're not feeling having a lifeless, partial statue staring at you; no worries! Add some simple, yet elegant, bottles that have been painted turquoise . Just enough color to blend in to your space, but not enough that you don't think the space can pull it off. Those of you who feel daring can create a statement piece of Turquoise, such as the table below. Adding Turquoise to your home can be simple when you add just a small amount, or whether you decide to paint one wall in your bathroom.



Dine: Another simple way to incorporate Turquoise into your home is by throwing it on your table with everything else! (Maybe that's just me...) Turquoise is a beautiful complimentary color to most dark wood tables. Add some ceramic bowls, or a table runner to your table to help get that pop of color in your dining room. Turquoise napkins are another fun way to incorporate the color, but not be too overpowering. you can always offset the Turquoise with white or cream, or have reversible napkins. That way if you're not feeling Turquoise one day, you don't have to commit and can just turn the napkins inside out. If you're creative, you can always make all of this adornments that you can add to your table.



Relax: After a boring, or maybe stressful, day at work where all you saw were hum-drum colored desks and wall dividers, coming home to your comfy couch or plush bed, is exactly what your night will need. Adding a pop of Turquoise can help you come home from your hectic day and revel in the comfortably of your favorite pillow. If you believe that certain colors evoke certain emotions, or feelings, than see what Turquoise can do for you, "Turquoise encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and caring. It heightens our intuitive ability and opens the door to spiritual growth. It is the color of the evolved soul." (source) Exactly the color you need to finish your day with.




With all that inspiration, I'm sure you're ready to go buy (or make!) your own Turquoise accent to your humble abode. Have any more great ideas? Share them with me below!

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