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Tus Canyon Rustico Travertine | Filled | 18x18 | Honed

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Tus Canyon Rustico 18x18 Filled, Honed Travertine
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City Hall is a place that is constantly buzzing with activity: representatives running in and out, happy couples obtaining marriage licenses, and today you're stopping by to apply for a building permit for your own house. As you're waiting in line with the other hopeful builders, you glance down at the flooring: Tus Canyon Rustico honed travertine. The creamy coloring of the travertine with mocha veins running through provides inspiration for your own home. The honed, or matte, finish on the travertine gives the natural stone a sleek look, and the filled holes make for easier cleaning. As you step up to the counter to apply, the smile on your face indicates that you know exactly what type of flooring will be in your new home.

Best Used For:

Tus Canyon Rustico travertine is best used for walls and floors in indoor and outdoor installations such as bathrooms, kitchen and living areas. It is a great tile choice for high traffic areas like hallways.

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