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Tuscana Verona Travertine Paver 16x16|8x8| 1x1/4" | (3cm)

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Tuscana Verona Paver Tavertine
Product Number: 2212
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* Stone Type: Travertine
* Thickness: 3 CM (1" 1/4)
* Finish: Honed, Tumbled, Unfilled
* Primary Colors: Beige
* Variation: Medium

Tuscany never seemed so close as it does with your new Tuscana Verona travertine pavers. As you walk on your Tuscana tiled path through your garden, you feel as if you were walking down your own secret road in Italy and you can almost smell the fresh garlic bread from the bakery at the end of the street. The afternoon sun shines against your back as your bare feet glide against the smooth tumbled tile and you fully appreciate its stunning quailty. In light hues of cream, tan and copper, these rustic tile pavers will bring character and charm to any outside space, whether it be your garden, pool area, backyard, driveway or even your garage.

Best Used For:

Tuscana Verona is ideal for any outdoor landscaping project. It is great for stone pools and can also be used on garden walkways and patios. These pavers can also be used to line plant boxes and stone fences.

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