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Tuscany Chateaux Travertine | Versailles Pattern

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Tuscany Chateaux Travertine | Versailles Pattern
Product Number: 1904
Availability: In Stock
* Stone Type: Travertine
* Country: Turkey
* Primary Color: Beige
* Variations: High
* Freezing Climate: NO

When you looked at your front yard, it seemed like it was missing something. Despite the complete garden overhaul, it still needed a little something special. An idea hit when you looked at your plain driveway; travertine tile would completely give your yard a new face lift. You went on the hunt for the perfect travertine and finally found it when you came across Tuscany Chateaux Versailles Pattern Travertine tile. The alternating dark and light sandy tones throughout the travertine give visual interest while the tumbled edges give the tile depth and texture. After you have installed your Tuscany Chateaux Versailles Pattern travertine tile, your driveway is the envy of the neighborhood and you couldn't be happier with your decision.

Best Used For:

Tuscany Chateaux travertine can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Make a bold statement by using this travertine tile in your driveway or as a path through your garden. It also looks beautiful in kitchens, as both flooring and a backsplash.

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