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Tuscany Chocolate Travertine | Versailles Pattern

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Tuscany Chocolate Travertine | Versailles Pattern
Product Number: 1905
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* Stone Type: Travertine
* Country: Turkey
* Primary Color: Brown
* Variations: Low
* Freezing Climate: NO

While walking down the Tuscan roads on your summer vacation, you pause for a moment to take in the fresh air and warm sunshine; it couldn't be a more beautiful day. Your foot kicks a rock as you continue on your path, and you look down at the tile that you have been walking on. The Tuscany Chocolate travertine beneath foot looks so natural, it's almost as if it was a part of the Tuscan landscape. The intricate Versailles pattern that it is assembled in gives the tile visual interest, while the lovely cocoa color of the travertine gives the road a warm and comforting feel. The slight color variations from tile to tile create depth and as you walk along, you think to yourself that this lovely view is your favorite from your vacation so far.

Best Used For:

Tuscany Chocolate Versailles pattern travertine tile is perfect for outdoor installations in both commercial and residential structures. This travertine also makes great living room and kitchen floors. It can also be used for barbecue and patio areas.

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