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Tuscany Premium Travertine | 24x24 | Filled | Honed

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Tuscany Premium Travertine | 24x24 | Filled | Honed
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You notice that the rain begins to lightly sprinkle as you walk down the paved streets of Italy on your way to the bakery around the corner. You bow your head down as you walk to avoid getting rain on your face, and as you look down, you see the beautiful Tuscany Premium travertine tile covers the sidewalk. Featuring tan travertine with undertones of beige and cream, this beautiful travertine tile shines slick with tiny drops of rain as you continue to walk on and you can't help but be a little bit mesmerized as you make your way to the bakery. Once you enter the shop, you sit down at a little table and are thankful that you're inside because the rain has started pouring down. Before you open your menu, you take one last glance at the Tuscany Premium travertine tile outside and smile as you see your reflection staring back at you in the puddles below.

Best Used For:

Tuscany Premim travertine is ideal for both residential and commercial use. It works well for floors, walls, countertops and shower walls.

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