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Uxmal Honed Limestone Tile
Uxmal Honed Limestone Tile

Uxmal Limestone | 12x12 | Honed

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Uxmal Limestone | 12x12 | Honed
Product Number: 1754
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* Uxmal Limestone 12x12 Honed
* Country: USA
* Primary Color: Orange
* Variations: Medium
* Freezing Climate: Yes

Honed Uxmal Limestone Tile
This 12x12 piece is an orange limestone piece that gives off an exquisite atmosphere. It has white and ivory details that make it more unique and quite lovelier.

Advantages of Honed Limestone
Honed Uxmal Limestone 12x12 does not fade through time. It does not have any sensitivity to any strong chemicals or acidic substances like vinegar and orange juices.

Best Used For:
Honed Uxmal Limestone 12x12 is a perfect fit for any floor, walls, ceilings, and countertops. It suits any area whether it is an indoor or an outdoor one.

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