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Pietra Legno | 12x24 |Travertine Tile | Honed Filled

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Pietra Legno wood look travetine tile 12x24 honed filled
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On a weekend trip to the natural history museum, you happened to look down and notice the lovely tile that adorned the room. Upon closer inspection, you discovered that it was Pietra Legno travertine tile. The intricate pattern in the travertine was reminiscent of the tree rings found in petrified wood and brought to life images of romantic forests and a rustic appeal. You noticed that the finish on the tile was polished, giving the travertine a gleam so bright and radiant, it almost seemed to be glowing. The creamy tan color of the tile is the perfect neutral to accentuate a multitude of decorating styles. After you leave the museum, you decide to give Tile-Stones a call and have Pietra Legno travertine tile installed in your home as well.

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