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Venice Marfil Porcelain | 20x20 | Polished

Venice Marfil Porcelain | 20x20 | Polished

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  • Application Indoor, outdoor, countertop, floor, wall, Ceiling

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Country : India


PEI Rating: 4


Coefficient of Friction: <.6 wet


Shade Veriation : V2


Commercial Usage: Light Residential Usage: yes

Dinner at your grandmothers house is a tradition that you've enjoyed once a month ever since you were in elementary school. Today when you go over, you notice that she had her counter tops re-done. You look closer and see that they're made of Venice Marfil porcelain tile, a great durable substance. Featuring cream colored tiles with minimal cloudiness, Venice Marfil porcelain tile is a great choice for those who desire a more neutral look. After dinner, you take one more looks at her counter tops and decide that this might be a great choice for you home too.

Best Used For:

Venice Marfil Porcelain is best used inside the home, in areas such as livingrooms and bedrooms. This tile is also appropriate for floors in areas that are away from water, as its polished surface tends to become slippery when wet.

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