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Walnut Travertine | Filled | 12x12

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Walnut Travertine | Filled | 12x12
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Walnut 12x12 Filled Travertine is a medium-sized tile that has a generally beige to tan color with minimal splashes of amber and cappuccino. It has all of its gaps and crevices filled.

Walnut 12x12 Filled Travertine is a very versatile tile due to its earthy colors and uniform texture, which makes it easy to install and even easier to maintain. The regular shape makes it easy to fit in large and small rooms. 

Best Used For:
Walnut 12x12 Filled Travertine is best used for indoor floors and walls such as kitchens and bathrooms. It can also be used as a countertop material for outdoor kitchens, too. 

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