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Walnut Travertine | Pillowed Edge | Versailles Pattern | Brushed

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Product Number:1023
  • Price Per SQ Ft
  • Brushed, Pillowed Edge,Versailles Pattern
  • 416 Sq Ft per Pallet, Bundles of 8sqf, 2pc 8x8,2pc8x16,1pc16x24,1pc24x24
  • Application: Indoor, Outdoor, Floor, Wall

Order Sample

When you decided to re-tile your patio, you needed a tile that would be just as beautiful outdoors as it would indoors. Since your open terrace connects to your living area you wanted a tile that contained natural beauty and would match with the existing d├ęcor of your house. Once you discovered Walnut travertine tile, you found the tile that met and exceeded all of your needs! The warm caramel and tan color of the tile is neutral enough that it will match with any decor, and the brushed finish of the tile gives it character and visual interest. With proper upkeep and maintenance, you will be able to enjoy Walnut travertine tile for many years to come.

Best Used For:

Walnut, Pillowed Edge, Brushed Versailles Pattern travertine can be used for floors and walls for both indoor and outdoor projects such as: dining areas, patios, kitchens and bathrooms.

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