1. Modena Wood Design Collection | Bianca Porcelain Tile | 6.5x40

Modena Wood Design Collection | Bianca Porcelain Tile | 6.5x40

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Wood Tile Porcelain Bianca | 6.5x40
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You wanted a fresh looking space for your new country cabin and immediately set out to find the perfect flooring. You had considered hardwood before realizing that it wasn't in your budget, but were pleased to discover Bianca wood plank porcelain. Combining the affordability of porcelain tile with the beauty of natural hardwood, this white wood tile is the perfect crisp, fresh look that you were searching for. Made in Italy from the latest and most innovative technology in porcelain tile, Bianca wood plank porcelain tile is scratch resistant, stain resistant and fade resistant. After having it installed, you are pleasantly surprised with how bright this wood look tile has made your home and you can't wait to finish the renovations so you can move in and enjoy your new Bianca porcelain tile.

Best Used For:

Wood Series Bianca porcelain tile is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is great for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, garden areas and patios as well. It can also be used for commercial purposes in restaurants and retail stores.

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