1. Modena Wood Design Collection | Caramello Porcelain Tile | 6.5x40

Modena Wood Design Collection | Caramello Porcelain Tile | 6.5x40

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Wood Tile Porcelain Caramello 6.5x40
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When your mother suggested that the two of you go out to lunch on Sunday afternoon, you left it up to her to choose the restaurant. You were pleasantly surprised when you pulled up to the new vegan eatery in town, you had been wanting to try it for a few weeks. Tummy rumbling, you stepped in the door, but once inside you forgot all about the lunch you were about to order; the decor was breathtaking. With sage colored walls and exotic plants hanging in pots from the ceiling, you felt transported into another world. The best part was the floor though; Wood Caramello wood plank porcelain. Made from the finest technology in Italy, this durable flooring is a stunning shade of mocha with charcoal and cream wood grain simulation throughout. Featuring laser printed knots and carefully placed texture pieces, Wood Caramello wood plank porcelain resembles hardwood flooring with detailed accuracy. As you walk across the floor, you have a feeling that its going to be a great day.

Best Used For:

Wood Series Caramello porcelain tile is ideal for commercial uses such as restaurants, office buildings and boutiques because of it's high resistance to scratches and stains. It can also be used for residential purposes such as inside homes or on patio areas.

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